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Young People's Drug and Alcohol Assesment - Additional Tools

There are a number of Additional Tools to support a practitioner use the Somerset Drug and Alcohol Assessment Tool for Young People .

Most Additional Tools have practitioner guidance notes to give you more information on how and when to use it.  Please read these notes before you use a specific Additional Tool with a young person; and make sure you have also read the Practitioner Guidance for Somerset Drug and Alcohol Assessment Tool for Young People.


YP Additional Tools

Unit Calculator

20th October 2014

The Unit Calculator is a simple sheet to use with people alongaside AUDIT to identify the number of units someone drinks. It includes 'the maths' to to work the number of units in their favourite drink.

Practitioner Guidance for Somerset Drug/Alcohol Assessment Tool for Young People

17th November 2014

This document provides practitioners with essential guidance on using the updated Somerset Drug and Alcohol Assessment Tool for Young People (October 2014).

It supplements the information and learning from the 1 day course on using the tool and the 2 day course on applying motivational interviewing techniques to delivering tier 2 drug and alcohol interventions with young people.

AUDIT (young people version)

17th November 2014

The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT). This resource combines AUDIT C and the remaining AUDIT questions to help you identify someone's drinking pattern and risk level.

This version also has practitioner notes to support the intervention with young people.

Mental Health Well-Being Scale

30th October 2014

This tool might be useful as a means of gauging the impact of the work you are doing with a young person; or by suing the statements to explore how someone is feeling.

APIR Framework

30th October 2014

APIR (assessment, planning, implementation and review) helps provide the young person and worker with an overview of where they are right now and can be used to measure change.

Brief Lifestyle Intervention - YP

30th October 2014

This tool can be used to structure a session with a young person around making changes to their alcohol use. It uses motivational interviewing techniques.

Making Changes - Action Planning

30th October 2014

This tool can help a young person identify the changes they want to make.

Things I Would Like to Change

30th October 2014

This sheet can be sued with a young person to help them think about where they are right now and how they would like things to be in the future.

When Things Go Wrong

30th October 2014

This tool can help the young person learn from their experience and consider different approaches in the future.

To Change or Not To Change - YP version

30th October 2014

This tool can be useful with young people who are not sure about changing and feel ‘stuck’ or ambivalent. Most useful with older young people who have some consequential thinking and re able to visualise the future.

Your Not on Your Own - A Booklet to Help Children

1st January 2011

This is a booklet to help children and adult talk about a parents drinking. Produced by the Children’s Commissioners and The Children’s Society.

Referrals Contact Sheet

16th September 2014

List of service names and contact numbers to refer to for Tier 2 or Tier 3 drug and alcohol interventions.

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