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Tier 3 / Specialist – Drug & Alcohol Treatment Interventions

What does Tier 3 drug and alcohol treatment interventions cover?

These are structured interventions delivered by staff working for SDAS young people's team and cover a range of options that form part of a care plan agreed with a young person.

The aim is to offer intensive support and treatment to young people who want to make changes to their drug and/or alcohol use.  The team understands that use of drugs and alcohol can be part of a range of difficulties that the young person is dealing with such as mental health, sexual health, family relationships, housing etc. The team actively works with other servces that are involved in the young persons life to promote and support change.

The team works with young people who may be using a range of substances  that can include: alcohol, cannabis, new psychoactive substances - often referred to as 'legal or chemical highs', volatile substances / gases and heroin. All the treatment interventions are evidence based which means that it is tried and tested and proven to work. 

Types of treatment available are often used in combination with each other and include:

  • Assertive outreach into the community to engage young people and  keep those engaged that need additional support
  • ‘Talking therapies’ with the individual and family - this can include a therapy called CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy - which is a talking therapy to help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave)
  • Harm reduction information and advice including advice on safer drug us and /or safer drinking, testing and vaccination for blood borne viruses (BBVs), and if needed access to needle exchange.
  • Substitute prescribing, detoxification and access to residential rehabilitation if needed
  • Housing  support including: accomodation and mediation /  crisis support
  • Help and support for you to stay in or get back into, education, training or work

Who delivers it?

In Somerset this service is delivered by staff in Somerset Drug & Alcohol Service (SDAS). There are dedicated young people's workers. They work with young people of any age - up to 21 years old especially if the young person is leaving care; and continue to support young people if necessary, as they become young adults.  SDAS work throughout Somerset and will normally arrange to see the young person in a place that suits them best.

What do they do?

The workers will at first undertake an assessment to identify with the young person what their needs are and develop and agree a care plan that will help the young person reach their goals. 

They work closely with other services and will support a young person, when needed, to get help from other services such as Targeted Youth Support Service,  mental health, and eductaion, training or employment.   As SDAS works with all ages, if a young person needs to be supported beyond 21 years old,  the team will make sure they are supported by the most appropraite SDAS worker so the  young person gets the best outcomes for them.

Contact Details

Phone SDAS, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on:

0300 303 87 88

If you are a professional working with a young person you can also make a referral using the SDAS referral form and send to the SDAS point of contact at somerset.das@cgl.org.uk

SDAS are there to help so call 0300 303 87 88 if you need advice on making a referral.



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