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Drug & Alcohol Screening Tools For Work With Young People

The Somerset Drug and Alcohol Screening Tool is a short and simple process that can be used by any staff that are not drug and alcohol specialists.

The screening is made up of 3 sections:

  1. Pre-screen questions to help you decide if you need to do more.
  2. Risk and protective factors checklist – you don’t need to complete this with the young person.  It is a checklist to help you as the worker understand what in the young persons life are risk factors and what are protective factors.
  3. Screening tool – short series of questions with a scoring system plus a guide to what to do as a result of the total score.

There are also two additional tools to use: AUDIT– C and CRAFFT.

Drug and Alcohol Screening tools

Somerset Drug & Alcohol Screening Tool 2013

4th October 2013

This tool is 4 x A4 landscape pages – covering the pre-screen questions, the main screening tool and the 'what to do next' guide.


4th October 2013

AUDIT-C is about alcohol use. It will help you and the young person explore what is going on and what support might be needed


5th March 2012

CRAFFT helps you and the young person that is using drugs or alcohol explore the risks they may be taking when using

Referrals Contact Sheet

16th September 2014

List of service names and contact numbers to refer to for Tier 2 or Tier 3 drug and alcohol interventions.

Referral for a Tier 2 intervention

1st December 2012

This is a sample form to show the information that would be useful if you are making a referral for a young person for Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions.

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