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Needle Exchange

Needle exchange aims to support injecting drug users not to share injecting equipment.

It aims to:

  • reduce the transmission of blood borne viruses (BBVS) such as Hepatitis or HIV
  • help prevent injuries or wounds
  • reduce the risk of overdose

Needle Exchange service is available from Turning Point offices and from Pharmacies across Somerset.

Needle Exchange @ Pharmacies

A number of pharmacies across Somerset provide free and confidential needle exchange services, including provision of sterile injecting equipment for all injecting drug users.

Look out for the green sign shown here in the pharmacy window – this indicates they are part of the needle exchange scheme in Somerset. You will find pharmacy staff keen to provide you with packs of sterile equipment.

All they ask in return is that you bring back your used works to them for safe disposal. Please remember that you will still be able to get sterile injecting equipment from your pharmacy, even if you have not brought back your old equipment.

All Needle Exchange ask is that you bring back your used works to them for safe disposal

Find a needle exchange pharmacy near you.

Somerset Needle Exchange Logo

Needle Exchange @ Turning Point

In all Turning Point offices and satellites they offer free and confidential needle exchange services.

  • They take minimal personal details and offer an assessment of risk, so that the best advice and information (verbal and written) can be given to you.
  • You can pick up a range of sterile injecting equipment, including different size needles.
  • Used equipment can be returned to be disposed of safely.
  • Foil is available if you smoke drugs. This is to encourage early treatment, prevent moving onto injecting, or to reduce/stop injecting.
  • You may be referred to other services such as BBV (Blood Borne Virus) screening and vaccination. 

Find your nearest Turning Point needle exchange.

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