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Tier 1 – Advice and Information

What does Tier 1 Advice and Information cover?

Advice and information on drugs and alcohol is available from a range of:

  • organisations in Somerset that can offer advice, information and education about different substances. They can also signpost to other drug and alcohol services if needed.
  • national and local websites that can provide up to date information.  

The national drugs helpline FRANK is a good place to start (whether you are a young person or a concerned parent) if you just want information about different drugs and alcohol, their effects and UK law. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing free and confidential advice and information.

You can phone FRANK on 0300 123 6600 or email or text – you don’t need to give your real name.

More details are available on the FRANK website

Advice for Young People

For young people there are a wide range of websites to access information and advice about drugs and alcohol:

TheSite.org is owned and run by YouthNet UK, a registered charity and is aimed at young adults. It covers a range of issues including drugs and alcohol, sexual health and relationships, health and wellbeing and money matters.

For more details go to: www.thesite.org

Youthhealthtalk.org is produced by The DIPEx Charity. Youthhealthtalk enables young people, their family and friends, and professionals such as doctors and teachers to understand young people's experiences of health, illness and life in general. It features real-life accounts of issues.

For more details go to: http://www.youthhealthtalk.org/

For people aged 16 -24 years old

For people aged 16 -24 years old, there is the Look Out For Your Mates (LOFYM) website. Developed with young people in Somerset the LOFYM site is about giving people information so that they are able to make safer choices when drinking alcohol. It is aimed at people aged 16-24 who live in Somerset.

New for 2013 is the unit calculator and updated contacts if you want any help to manage your alcohol use.

Look Out For Your Mates BrandingSomerset C&SH App - Developed by morphsites

Also there's a new 'LOFYM' section on the C&SH (Contraception & Sexual Health Services) App - giving you lots of information about alcohol, helping you to check out how much you're drinking, how to go about changing your habits if it's getting a bit much, and where to get some support if you'd like it.

Check out the iOS app in the App Store or Android App on Google Play!

Young people are more likely to delay or avoid substance use when they can talk openly with their parents / carers

Information on the internet for parents and carers

There are a range of websites to access information about drugs and alcohol and how to talk to young people about it.

Research shows that parents and carers have a crucial role in preventing problem drug and alcohol use. Young people are more likely to delay or avoid use when they can talk openly with their parents/carers.

Here are a few websites that might be useful:

Drinkaware Trust


Funded by the drinks industry this site contains accessible up to date information, tips and tools about alcohol and sensible drinking; and has a section for parents called ‘talking to under 18’s’,  which has other useful contacts and websites.

It also has a new section on Children and Alcohol split into two parts:

  • one part is for parents (including how and when to talk to children about alcohol, the law, latest advice);
  • one part for professionals working with children (including Intuition – Drinkaware’s new lifeskills education programme aimed at 9 – 14 year olds).

NHS Change4Life Campaign


This is part of a wider campaign to make healthier lifestyle choices for an individual and their family.



This provides advice on talking to children and young people about drugs and alcohol. It has links to other sites including parentchannel.tv (information videos for parents).

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