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Drug & Alcohol Services for Adults in Somerset

There are services in Somerset to treat adults that have problems with drugs and alcohol. 

For those with a dependency, or addiction, these services are designed to help reduce the harm that drugs and alcohol cause to the individual and those around them, and ultimately achieve recovery from addiction and re-integration back into community life.

This process is referred to as the treatment journey.

This is supported by linking to other services that focus on issues such as housing, benefits, education, training and employment.  Many of these are not drug and alcohol specifc but have a role to engage with people with drug or alcohol problems.

The treatment journey can be broken down into four stages:

Drug & Alcohol Services for Adults in Somerset

Some types of treatment cover more than one stage of the treatment journey and some people do not require every stage of the process.

What is important is to see it as a journey, in which people move back, as well as forward, through the stages in their personal process.

So what are the stages and what treatment options are available? 


These are the services that encourage people actively using illegal drugs or drinking too much alcohol, to do so as safely as possible, reducing the harm to themselves and those around them, and establish a connection to the other options available.

Engagement includes services such as:


These services would represent the first steps towards addressing a problem. They may help stabilise a person’s life so that change becomes possible.

Preparation includes services such as:


These services are those that enable drug and alcohol users to address their behaviour in a positive way. This may mean being prescribed medication or engaging in detoxification. It may mean going into a residential rehab service. The purpose of changing is to enter recovery from dependence.

Change includes services such as:


These services allow those that are in recovery to maintain the benefits of treatment, to develop lives away from previous patterns of behaviour.

It covers a large range of services, most of which are not specific to those people who have had problems with drugs or alcohol. The information here covers those services specifically designed to help those in Somerset that are in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency to maintain this, develop positive social and support networks and progress with their lives.

Re-integration includes services such as:

Need help with a drug or alcohol problem?  Then contact SDAS on 0300 303 87 88

To access some of these interventions, get in touch with Somerset Drug & Alcohol Service (SDAS) . Whether it's drugs or alcohol they are here to help you. 

  • Phone: 0300 303 87 88 and someone will speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Email: somerset.das@cgl.org.uk

If you've had support with your alcohol or drug use before in Somerset, from either Turning Point or the young people's service, you can also go directly to your local SDAS Hub:

Office Address:
Somerset Drug & Alcohol Partnership
Somerset County Council
County Hall (PP B3S 2)
Taunton TA1 4DY
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